And so she lived is mostly a collections of thoughts and musings written by ‘She’. Occasionally others share their thoughts and costar, however as in the real life ‘She ‘ is the star of her own show so why wouldn’t she be here?

Occasionally Guys are invited to share their writing here but only is they have something enriching to add, this is a space about what it means to be a female. The guys that feature here have something special to offer.


Who is ‘She’?

It’s rather strange to talk about yourself in the third person but Hello! I’m Katie, I am the human sailing this ship. I’ve always been the square peg to the round hole but that’s what i love about myself.  I suffer from epic resting bitch face and I really really love Autumn.

And so she lived is my baby.

after what i fully believe was the worst breakup since records began and the subsequent loss of my home, job and mind I took some time to heal and once i came out the other side i realised a lot of the time that i was in relationships i was unkind and untrue to myself and what i stand for.

So i am here now. Version 2.0 shall we say?

Planning to live happily ever after for the rest for my life and i would love for you to join me.