Work with me

This is not a juice cleanse, Weight watchers or any other ‘diet’

Working with me is a lifestyle review and overhaul, you will reach your goals.

We will work together to unpack issues that have led to your unhappiness with how you look and while we improve the way you feel and move.

  • If you spend a lot of time and energy on ‘negative talk’ telling yourself how you are not good enough or comparing yourself to others.


  • If you hate exercise or you are intimidated by fitness people in the gym or you think exercise is only for fit people or just not for you.


  • If you  work shifts or are always eating on the go and live on junk food or if you travel a lot and suffer from the nightmare of service station food.


  • Maybe you would like to try exercise but don’t want to do it alone?


  • Maybe you are an experienced gym goer/ athelete that is miserable with their current regime or needs some help tweaking their programme.


Stay tuned for details of my workshops and courses.

You can register your interest and set up a free face to face consulation (space dependant) by dropping me an email

My books will open early 2018 for Personal training and Life style overhaul coaching. Places will be limted to ensure a bespoke service.